Features & Benefits


Virtual booths: Include information about your organization, employment opportunities, application requirements, and more.
Real-time, interactive chat sessions: Speak with and answer questions from enthusiastic job seekers. Chat privately with an individual or in mass via the job board.
Customized booths: Provide information about your company via ability to upload various documents, links or information. Show your booth visitors the types of jobs you are recruiting for.
Message boards: Post answers to commonly asked questions and/or respond to questions posted by job seekers.
Statistics: Measure the success your JFairs.com booth.
User-friendly interface and design: Easily create your customized booth and chat with job seekers.
No travel or printed materials needed: Everything is online; operate your booth from wherever you are.
Global scope: The internet provides an infinite scope of interested and qualified individuals from around the world to view your employment opportunities. From highly qualified local, regional, or even foreign professionals the online job fair eliminates travel barriers for any candidates.
Integrated with our partner sites: Employer information and job postings for existing members of any of our partners will be automatically uploaded to JFairs.com.
Open 24 hours a day: An online job fair is never closed. Even if a chat is not in session, job seekers are able to access your employment information job opportunities can upload their resume and employment documetnation, and/or leave questions.
Save money: Save money on costs associated with typical job fairs such as, material, travel, food, and accommodations.
Save time: Eliminate travel - just log on.
Reduce frustration: Enjoy the job fair experience. The user-friendly interface and "help" functions make participating in an online job fair easy.
Reach a global audience: The power of the internet makes online job fairs available to anyone with an internet connection.
Enjoy flexibility: Schedule chat sessions that fit in your timetable. Choose to join an existing job fair or host your own. Access your booth anytime of the day.
Market your organization: Customize your booth to attract the types of personnel you want. Upload application forms, recruitment materials, and more.


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