Features & Benefits

Booth searches. Determine which booths to visit by searching for those that are recruiting in your areas of interest or expertise.
Browse jobs. Search for jobs from participating exhibitors and apply online.
Customized, virtual booths. Obtain recruitment information such as employment opportunities, application requirements, and more.
Real-time, interactive chat sessions. Ask exhibitors questions. Speak one-on-one with an exhibitor who requests a private chat.
Message boards. Post questions for exhibitors when chats are not in session and read the response a later time. Read transcripts from completed chat sessions.
Automatic email services. Receive notification regarding scheduled chat sessions and upcoming job fairs.
User-friendly interface and design. Easily search for booths and chat with exhibitors.
Free. There is no cost for job seekers to participate in our online job fairs.
No travel or printed resumes needed. Everything is online - upload your resume and other application documents.
Targeted Audience. Job fairs are marketed to hiring in a sundry of industries. JFairs.com is designed exclusively to accommodate all industries.
Global Scope. Access job fairs from anywhere in the world. Imagine being interviewed by prospective employers no matter where you are or where they are located.
Integrated with our partners. No need to add your resume to another web site. Use one you created on one of our partners' sites.
Open 24 hours a day. An online job fair is never closed. Although an exhibitor may not be holding any scheduled chats, you will still be able to access their employment information and ask questions using the message board.
Save money. Participating in online job fairs is completely free for job seekers. Plus, save money on printed materials, travel, food, and accommodation costs that can be associated with attending typical job fairs.
Save time. No more travel. Just visit www.jfairs.com. If you are registered with a partner site, use your existing resume. No need to start from scratch.
Reduce frustration and enjoy the job fair experience. The user-friendly interface and help functions make moving between booths and job fairs easy.
Convenient and accessible. The power of the internet makes online job fairs available to anyone with an internet connection.
Enjoy flexibility. Visit booths and obtain information 24/7.


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